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All your home

Already Tirana with a unique destianation, dedicated 100% to interior design and furnishing industry where the best international brands are assembled in a single place
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PRESTIGE HOME – All Your Home “


Imagine a warehouse. Imagine a paved floor with parquet flooring, brick-and-brick walls, and metal accessories exposed in the space. Now, imagine turning this into an office or an apartment.

This may seem like a crazy idea at first. But today there is a very beautiful name for this: modern-industrial design. There is a peculiarity in terms of the indispensable industrial details: the charm of an unfinished furniture, the half-finished works, and the image of a design that the design axis has mechanical functions. Combining industrial furnishings in your spaces requires special attention. But it’s an extraordinary form to combine modern design with old shiny materials like never before.Read More..