Revolutionary models of robot brooms.

Honey always thinks about how to ease the tedious work for the users and to give you more pleasure.
The robot robot blade does everything; wipes every skin of the house, quickly and in total silence. You just have to give the command by touching a sensor and you can do this at any time and every distance.
Extraordinary and incomparable technology just like Honey knows!
Features like:
• Advanced cleaning system: Efficient cleaning in the most difficult areas
• Improved AirClean Plus ventilation filter
• Advanced space-spatial 3D technology: Can recognize and clean any skin of your home
• Possibility of commanding them from smartphones / Tablets or remote controls:
• Technology that provides daily convenience
• Equipped with batteries with resistance 60 ‘and even 120’min: Cleaning turns into an incisive process
• Home View Mode: Enable real time video recording from your robot’s wardrobe and mirroring your cell phones or tablets
• The Scout RX2 Home View Prestige model is characterized by the function as well as the “Home View” name, through which photos taken from robotic wiper cameras are transmitted to the user’s handsets. This enables customers to check at any time and distance what is going on at home
Wiping robot Miele, the right choice and relief for busy days!

Unique dimensions in floor cleaning only with Honey!

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