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Prestige in the eyes of an architect

Find out more about the latest trends in prestigious brands that you can find at Prestige Home Center. Engage with us for any idea or project for the apartment, villa and business to see from more than 80 premium furnishing brands and do the best for the customer.

Collaborations with architects

Discover some of our collaborations with architects and get inspired to decorate your space with us.

Discover the furnished apartments in Prestige Home.
Your villa is furnished in style with Prestige Home.
Give your business the style of luxury and comfort that deserves.

Reviews by architects

"The brands I find at Prestige Home Center are the best to use in portfolio for my clients. The premium quality and product warranty gives credibility to our work which aims to be long-lasting."
Studio Infinite
“Our projects are about villas and clients who seek perfection in the smallest details. Prestige Home Center has given me the opportunity to have everything in one place from A-Zh. An added value for my projects are luxury brands, which are the first choice for my clients.”
Interior Luxury
“Prestige Home Center, for us architects, has turned into a big house. The only place where we select every product for the realization of our projects.”
Ark. Ejola Omeri

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