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5 years Prestige Home Center

5 years dedicated to the house of dreams!

One of the grandest events of the Prestige Home center was the event with special guests from the world of television, art, architects and entrepreneurs from the largest studios in Albania. 5 years dedicated to prestigious international brands for the home or business, for interior or outdoor furnishing, in the apartments or villas that you have fully trusted us with. The event held in the outdoor premises of Prestige Home had more than 500 invited guests over the years. At the end of the event, the third major phase of the center's expansion was presented, which is expected to give the Prestige center the title as the largest furnishing center in the region with over 30,000 m2 of space and over 100 international brands.

4 Years Prestige Home

Our 4th birthday

Prestige Home Center's 4th birthday was held on June 4, brought many surprises and an impressive atmosphere to all present on the evening. The well-known instrumentalist Iljard Shaba, the legendary group Elita 5 and the singer Xhensila Myrtezaj brought energy, positivity, good music to make this birthday magical and unforgettable. Below you will find the photo gallery with the most beautiful moments with the special guests and all the guests.

Every Thursday in Prestige Home

Cartoon Characters and their friends

Grand Opening Prestige Home

Grand Opening Event

Prestige Home

Architects's Event