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Pierre Cardin Home!

Pierre Cardin, first came to Albania in June 2010 and is now the largest exclusive company of handmade carpets and rugs one in Albania and beyond. Among other things Pierre Cardin has received the exclusivity of international names within the interior design industry and interior design lines from around the world.
Every Pierre Cardin furniture and product comes with a standard of certifying the result as elite material and the latest technology to make the best.
Pierre Cardin Home is the magical and classic world that offers every day the latest fashion trends in the industry and decor.


Ecolight is the contemporary company in the lighting sector bringing an eco alternative to climate, environment and society. Eco light’s goal is to bring to market a new era with high class products which operate with minimal electricity consumption while being as eco-friendly as possible. Ecolight products are certified and tested in world institutes, being considered as first class A ++ energy consumption products.


50 years of industry experience and authentic craftsmanship sewn on our armchairs. Doimo Salotti produces armchairs, curtains and living room accessories. Textile, leather and modular armchairs, bed-mattresses, mirrors and refined accessories, with elegant lines, cured in detail with a high sensitivity to modern living trends. Doimo Salotti, made to meet all the requirements for comfort and longevity. Doimo Salotti exports the best Italian works all over the world.


Founded in 1924, Teka is a multinational corporation of German origin dealing with the production and marketing of household appliances for kitchen and toilets, porcelain products and industrial containers. In addition to being valued in Europe for the production of household appliances, especially for ovens, cooking utensils, vacuum cleaners and washbasins, it also occupies the first places for beer making. The company enjoys 25 factories that are distributed across three continents, enabling its products to be marketed in more than 110 countries


Is a company created in 1899 and is equally committed to its shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and society. The company’s focus is on producing electro-household appliances for the kitchen, laundry room and floor care, as well as machines for use in commercial operations and medical facilities (“Miele Professional”). The strategic vision is to be the most reliable and desirable premium brand in the world. Miele offers products for its customers that set standards for durability, performance, ease of use, energy efficiency, design and service.


Ariston is a global specialist in water heating and cooling. Ariston offers people all over the world a whole range of innovative products designed to be and simplify life at home by being distinctive for: and the planet At Ariston, we develop the latest, most efficient technology in solving access and connectivity.
that use little energy and are designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance.
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Means attention to each person’s needs and choices, looking for beauty, the care we give, and the nature we respect. With more than 39,000 kitchens sold each year, this brand enjoys international reputation.

Rastelli Cucine!

whose developments are not confined solely to the aesthetic aspect of the design, but also to the ergonomic and environmental functionalities. certified by FSC and ISO 14001 standards.


Functionality, design and originality together with focus on detail, represent the unique features of NEWFORM development and quality. Established in 1981, continuing its contribution to the success story of Italian brands.


Interiors, is the leader in design, design and design solutions for interior design. With more than 30 years of technical experience combined with technology and workshops, the company is able to create the right projects for hotels, apartments, commercial spaces or institutions and residential complexes.
Quality has always been the motto of the company. World class design and engineering studies enable ZEBRANO expertise to design and implement pre-tested projects.


After many years of experience in furniture, in January 2018,  the creation of Sezon Dekor brought in Albania a new spirit not only in the furniture sector, but also in the creation of events. By doing an unremitting and devoted work, emphasizing every detail, within a very short time, Sezon Dekor has managed to become one of the best companies in its industry in our country. Quality, uniqueness and creativity are the ones that differentiate, adapting to the desires and demands of the customers at all times.

Gieffe Group!

was founded in Modena in 2005 in the field of ceramics, as a retailer of floor and wall covering, furniture and toilet accessories using the best Italian brands. After more than 10 years of experience in this sector, the new branch opens in Tirana exclusively  at Prestige Home Center, with a unique showroom. We provide a personalized service for architect and design studios, with product sampling and pre and post sales assistance. Our brands are: CERAMICA COLLI DI SASSUOLO, PORCELANGRESS, FIANDRE, CASTELANO, EURO CERAMICHE, KARASAN, ARBLU, ARTESI, ARDECO, REMIER DANIEL

La Forchetta!

La Forchetta is a brand that has brought Italian art to Albanian cuisine. One of the best brands that ensures you 25 years of longevity, premium quality, and competitive prices.
La Forchetta has brought revolution in Albanian cuisine with its keywords the latest technology, maximum quality, and absolute guarantee in every product.

Nill’s Furniture!

NILL’S Furniture over 50 years of experience in furniture design and production. NILL’S continues its business life as the third generation. Currently we are producing; Modern-minimalist range, unique of the variety of products which consist of furniture, sofas and its complementary accessories. The quality and services provided to customers through our points of sale, keeps our brand at the highest level.


showroom of modern, innovative furniture with unique design in Albania. One of the brands that gives you comfort in furniture and prices.

Casal brings innovation and practical products to every home providing you with maximum quality and comfort.

Dage Perde!

Dage Perde, the largest curtain showroom in Albania. The highest quality and modern curtains suitable for every taste and environment are found in Dage Curtains. A showroom that offers exceptional quality with detailed elegance.

Bicaku Stone!

Leader in the field of production of molded quartz bangs one body together with the dishwasher and solid surface bangs and sinks (corian).


Style in your kitchen…

Wall Art! 

Wall Art një frymë ndryshe në arredimin e ambienteve të brendshme të shtëpive dhe bizneseve. Showroom-i Wall Art është zgjeruar për një kohë shumë të shkurtër falë ëndërrave dhe punës së përkushtuar . Wall Art është vendi perfekt ku do të gjeni piktura origjinale dhe aksesorë me cilësi të lartë. Një prekje magjike për të gjitha ambientet- ky është Wall Art.


Vivida is the furniture brand with an Italian concept and its focus is on furnishing interior spaces such as living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms. The concept that Vivida offers is that of close cooperation with the client or architects to bring the design, pieces, colors or sizes according to the client’s requirements with a record time of producing of a maximum of 14 days from the time of the order. We bring the latest colors and designs of furniture so that your premises are more lively and full of life.
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Çilek is a modern company in the field of decorating children’s rooms located in 5 continents and 71 countries. Bedrooms, furniture, mattresses, mattresses, accessories for babies, children and teens. Çilek creates functional, aesthetic products, above all safe for babies and young people.


Mattresses, pillows and nets. 100% Made in Italy.

Our mission has been to promote the culture of “Sano Dormire” for over 60 years, creating quality mattresses, pillows and mattress bases. 100% Made in Italy.

Discover the types of mattresses we produce: memory and spring mattresses, memory mattresses, independent spring mattresses, acquatech mattresses, latex mattresses, soy mattresses, spring mattresses and children’s mattresses.

To complete the product range we make memory pillows and latex pillows, motorized and fixed slatted nets made of metal and wood.

Dorelan ! 

Dorelan produces mattresses, beds, bed bases, pillows and furnishing accessories. Its offering also includes collections for the hotel world, cruise companies and sports. With 200 workers and over 2,000 stores in Italy and in the world, it is increasingly expanding across the ocean, with the steady, unshakeable certainty of continuing production where the great dream of Diano and Pietro Paolo first began.


Dulcigno Doors comes to offer to the customers the highest quality and perfect design of interior doors. Our experience has given us the opportunity to identify the best suppliers in the market for the material base, as a key element in guaranteeing the highest quality that we offer. The production department where our craftsmen and the use of state-of-the-art machinery allows the application of CAD/CAM technology, thanks to which the production process is automated, to produce doors that stand the test of time, both in quality and design. Our team, consisting of architects and interior designers, brings the newest designs and trends, thus realizing every idea of ​​our customers.

Inner Home ! 

Inner Home është showroom-i më i ri i tekstilit në Shqipëri.

Markat më të njohura Marie Claire & Polo Club eksluzivisht në shtëpinë tuaj me qëndrueshmëri dhe butësi maksimale. Komforti dhe rehatia e duhur vetëm në Inner Home Textile! Është koha të provosh ndryshimin për shtëpinë tënde. Autenticiteti i pasur dhe eleganca e përjetshme na diferencon.

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