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Home Renovation Trends in 2023

It’s 2023 and there are several factors that will influence home renovation trends this year. For example, the pandemic changed the way we work and spend time at home, and these changes are reflected in the renovations we can do to the house this year. Along with an increase in material costs and high housing prices, experts predict that renovations focused on increasing comfort and functionality in the home will be large.

So with these factors in mind, what can we expect to see when it comes to home renovation trends?

Read here some of the home renovation trends to own in 2023.

Work Environment Inside the House

More and more people are working from home on a regular basis, so experts expect home office renovations to be big in 2023. This could include anything from building a dedicated home office space to upgrading a existing workspace to make it more comfortable and functional. The best quality, ergonomic furniture and special designs of the best furniture brands can be found at Prestige Home Center, the first center in Albania dedicated to interior design, home and office lines.

Home Exterior Renovation

As more time is spent at home, homeowners are looking to maximize livable space wherever possible, including outdoors. Renovation projects for porches, patios and gardens will take off in 2023 as everyone looks to create comfortable and functional outdoor living spaces. This may include installing outdoor kitchens and entertainment areas.

Increasing Energy Efficiency

With the promotion of solar panels in the last year we all got an extra incentive to make improvements efficiently. With the installation of solar panels we expect to see a major shift towards solar energy in 2023. One of the advantages of increased energy efficiency is lower energy bills. So it is a very good investment in time.

Installing HVAC systems is another way homeowners will make their homes more energy efficient in 2023. In addition, things like adding insulation, adopting solar power, and installing energy-efficient appliances will be trending.

Other Renovations

Kitchens and bathrooms are high-use areas of the home with an increasing focus on practical and functional renovations expected in 2023.

Expect to see projects like updating kitchen cabinets, replacing ceilings, adding light fixtures, replacing faucets, and replacing old appliances with smart appliances and more.

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