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Home Decor Trends Spring 2023

Spring is a period of renewal. Our appearance, home, wardrobe, computer, car everything needs a refresh in this season. Let’s dwell a little on the interior design of the house. Change the look and feel of your home this spring. Home decor details this spring can be as simple as a vase of tulips in a window, a beautiful spring table, a new wall color, a new curtain, or adding more greenery. Let’s banish winter with these decorating ideas for spring.

Home Decor from Sezon Dekor

Place glass vases or crystal vases with natural flowers or green branches on the tables. Get seasonal tree blossoms like plum blossoms or cherry blossoms and bring spring indoors. Vases with modern shapes, which look more like works of art than vases, which fit with any style of decoration in your environment, can be found at Sezon Dekor near Prestige Home Center. Add delicacy and finesse to any indoor or outdoor environment with Sezon Dekor vases.

Paint the House

Painting the walls of the house is not necessarily related to the decor for the house. Painting the walls gives the environment a feeling of freshness in every season. Choose a white color to add light and finesse to the environment. White gives a minimalist feel to the decor as well, regardless of your style.

Adding a coat of fresh pastel paint combined with Çilek Albania’s white furniture gives the nursery a bright and fresh feel that’s perfect for spring.

Shtimi i një shtrese me bojë të freskët pastel kombinuar me mobiljet e bardha të Çilek Albania i jep dhomës për bebe një ndjesi të ndritshme dhe të freskët që është e përshtatshme për pranverën.

Home Decor by Dage Perde

Curtains are one of the main elements of home decor. They bring finesse and elegance, they highlight the interior design, they are what bring the element of light and shadow. Choose fresh light white materials like pastel colored linen or floral designs for the home this spring at Dage Curtains. Choose from hundreds of designs and materials in the largest showroom of curtains in Albania. At Prestige Home Center you will find Dage Curtains to give the home the right freshness this season.

Home Decor by La Forchetta

Think how beautiful your home decor will look with the sets of the new collection of La forchetta. Set a spring table with delicate sets of crystal plates in shades of blue, green and gold and spring will come to your home immediately. Take your coffee enjoyment to the highest level with your loved ones or family. The cup set, which attracts attention with the pink color option, will add elegance to your kitchen.

Refresh the Bedroom

A bedroom refresh can be as simple as changing the bedspreads and covers or as essential as changing the bed or mattress. Bed or mattress by @dorelanalbania? Why not both! The Sharpei Box bed is among the most popular. Maximum comfort and modern design make this bed unique. Everything Made in Italy from the concept, materials or certification. So come to Prestige Home Center and choose premium quality in Dorelan. Mattresses and beds, a symbol of comfort and design, will give your home the freshness it deserves this spring.

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