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Tips for Creating the Perfect Child's Bedroom

What does the perfect children’s bedroom look like? One thing is certain, the perfect bedroom should be easily changeable, as the child’s tastes and needs change as he grows.

Here are some tips for designing the perfect children’s bedroom with Çilek Albania furniture.

New Furniture, a Joint Project

Create a comfortable, welcoming and exciting space for your child and be sure to include them in the process. The child doesn’t have to be the main decision maker, but there is a special kind of ownership that is built when they can influence ideas, decisions and even purchases of their bedroom furniture.

Depending on your child’s age, they may share preferences about furniture, tables, themes or even colors. If your children share a room, you can also include ideas that balance each of their perspectives so they have space that feels unique and individual.

Include Their Favorites

If you think back to your earlier years, chances are you had a favorite character from a movie, TV series, song, etc. Maybe this character changed every year (or month, or week…), but it was something you felt passionately about – and the same goes for your child!

An easy and flexible way to incorporate your child’s favorite character(s) is to use wallpaper (found at Prestige Home Center) that can be removed when the child is no longer at that specific stage. At Çilek Albania you can buy furniture such as cheap themed bedding and blankets, or even use a whiteboard to draw designs that can be easily erased.

Choose Neutral Color

The things we loved when we were kids have definitely changed, many times. Recognizing and accepting this in our children is the first step.

However, when it comes to colors, it is best to try to choose neutrals as much as possible. This makes the change much easier.

For example, instead of painting all four walls of your daughter’s bedroom bright blue, create just one accent wall. This wall will be much easier to change and won’t require as much time, money and effort as repainting the entire room when she decides that blue is no longer her favorite shade.

Create Areas for Different Activities

At first glance, this advice may seem to relate to younger children, but it is important for all ages. Having different “pockets” of the bedroom for different activities can help with autonomy, self-directed work and play, and responsibility.

For example, creating a homework station or workspace can help older children be more responsible and focused on their homework or school projects.

Consider Your Child's Personality and Behavior

When it comes to creating the perfect children’s bedroom, some of the main things to keep in mind are your child’s temperament, personality and behavior. In other words, if you have a child who is easily stimulated by his environment, it is better to include colors and tones that are calm. It can be helpful to add children’s furniture in neutral colors or other items that evoke joy and peace.

On the other hand, if you have a more energetic child you can consider full-sized children’s furniture that has different layers and levels, or even includes movement with a step or slide. Something like this can create an opportunity for play and self-regulation, as opposed to a regular bed that saps your child’s natural energy.

Visit Çilek Albania near Prestige Home Center and choose the perfect furniture for your child’s bedroom.