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Pay machines are located at all entrances adjacent to the car park area. Pay or validate your parking ticket or ask for assistance through the machine intercom. Enjoy a seamless parking experience by downloading our mobile application. You can register your vehicle(s) and add a payment method to benefit from our growing parking services such as Ticketless Parking, Reserved Parking, Find My Car, and Parking Availability.
Parking close to the mall entrance. We provide designated parking spaces for expecting mothers, as well as for people of determination and those with physical challenges. You can easily find these spaces close to all mall entrances in the parking area.
Our parking areas are open every day from 9:00 am to 20:00 pm.
Pay machines are located at all mall entrances adjacent to the parking areas. To pay for your parking, follow these instructions: 1. Insert your ticket where indicated. Your parking fee will appear on the screen. 2. If you choose to pay in cash*, insert any combination of the following banknotes: AED 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, or 500. 3. Remove any change if applicable from the indicated change tray. 4. Request your receipt by pressing the Receipt button, then collect it from the same tray. 5. Take your validated ticket and proceed to exit within 15 minutes. * You can also pay using your credit card. All major credit cards are accepted.
If you have lost your ticket, please proceed to one of the pay machines located inside the mall to obtain a replacement ticket. Press the Lost Ticket button below the display screen and pay the lost ticket fee of AED 150. You can now proceed to exit the car park. Please note that this fee also applies to lost tickets that are still within the free parking period. The ticket is also non-refundable even if you find your original ticket after you have made your payment. We recommend downloading our mobile application to make use of Ticketless Parking services for a seamless parking experience. If you read ‘Ticket is faulty’ on the pay machine’s display screen, please press the intercom for assistance. The parking operator will ask you to read your ticket’s serial number, printed on the front, next to the mall’s logo. The parking operator will remotely check your ticket details and process your ticket. The parking fee, if applicable, will automatically appear on the pay machine for you to pay and validate your ticket.
With Ticketless Parking, you can access the parking areas and pay any parking fees directly on your phone. To set up Ticketless Parking, download our mobile application, register your vehicle(s), and add a payment method. How does it work? As your registered vehicle approaches the barrier at the car park entrance, we detect your plate number and let you in. Everything else happens automatically on the application, allowing you to enjoy your visit without having to validate and pay your ticket at the payment stations. As you exit, we will calculate your time at the mall and charge your registered card if any fees apply.

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